Thursday, September 30, 2010

Camping with a Toddler

After our fun weekend on Mackinac Island, we headed north. I had wanted to camp near the Tahquamenon Falls for such a long time, and I even posted about it not so long ago. So, north we went. The leaves were just starting to turn, so driving through the U.P. was exceptionally beautiful.


Have you ever driven across the Mackinaw Bridge? It's Michigan's treasure for bridge lovers everywhere.

As far as camping with a 13-month-old little guy, I initially felt pretty confident it would work out just fine. This confidence ebbed and flowed in waves, as mothers and friends would say things like, "Oooh, you're brave," or "Like... camping?... in a tent?...with Jack?" They would try and mask looks of disbelief and/or uncertainty in our camping endeavor, which in turn made me question what we were setting out to do. I mean it's not like we were touring the world in a sailboat, or were planning on backpacking through the jungle! It was a simple 2 day/night trip in a tent at a state campground with the most amazing bathrooms (and showers!) I have ever seen in the wilderness. It was a perfect 1st-camping-trip-with-a-kid destination! I highly recommend!

I can see how it could have headed south quickly. We had a backup plan of a motel in our back pocket if we needed it. A crying baby through the night could make for some very unhappy neighbors. A baby jumping in the fire could be quite traumatic. We had none of that. The craziest thing was when Jack fell out of his little chair and bumped his little noggin. A few tears, but some sticks and dirt made for an instant return to happiness. It really did turn out amazing, fun and quite the little get-away for us Kastners. We had fun with the campfire, getting dirty and exploring the woods and waterfalls, and snuggling up in our sleeping bags that zip up together. We are already planning our spring trip!

Camping involved...

The cutest camper in the world!


New socks from Paradise, Michigan

I'm pointing at our tent! Can you see it?

planning our hike from the Lower Falls to the Upper Falls


the Lower Falls


the Upper Falls

Yes! Michigan! More to come later, along with some Halloween fun! It is OCTOBER!

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