Thursday, August 12, 2010

pure michigan

After spending the last three falls in the one-season wonder of San Francisco, I am very much looking forward to Michigan's fall! Don't get me wrong, I love the fog and chill of SF, but there is something about the change of seasons that is great to be a part of. I've loved all these gorgeous warm (and hot!) summer days, but I am already looking forward to the wind blowing a bit chillier, wearing pants again (oh, how I miss pants!), and watching the leaves turn colors! Who else is stoked for fall around here???

We would watch the Pure Michigan ads in California, and yearn for fall! I love that Tim Allen does the voice-overs, although I find myself waiting at the end for him to do his manly grunt thing from Home Improvement...

In September we are heading up to Mackinac Island with my family where my dad, Dan and I are going to to run the 8-mile race around the island. Perhaps that way I won't feel so bad for eating so much fudge! And since we'll be up that way, I'm thinking we'll do an extended trip to Tahquamenon Falls. I've been to the western part of the upper peninsula, but have never really spent time near the eastern side. I mean, Sufjan Stevens wrote a song about this place, so I am thinking we need to go there!

Won't it be so beautiful in the fall?! We'll camp there! Oh, I am excited!


Michelle said...

How fun! Emily, you have such a gift with language and writing. And Nick just LOVES the Pure Michigan commercials...especially on the radio. He'll turn them up and "shhh" me when they come on! Hilarious!
So proud of your endeavor to run 8 miles too! Whew!

Jane said...

When're you and Dan gonna come kayaking with us?

Emily said...

Thanks, Michelle! I love that Nick is so into those ads too! haha

Jane, you let me know when/where you guys are going next! We would LOVE to join you!


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