Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hello faithful friends! I'm back! Our little family has been on quite the whirlwind tour of Michigan over the past month! This has meant very little access to the Internet, which was nice to have a break from, quite honestly. It does feel good to be back though! I will be posting nearly every day recapping our trip (too much for just one post!), with fun things I'm doing for Halloween, personal projects I'm working on, Christmas preparations (yes, already!) and more...

So...where have we been? It all started with a 5 1/2 hour drive north to Mackinac Island. My dad runs the annual 8-mile race around the island, and this year Dan joined him for the run. For those of you not familiar with Mackinac Island, it lies between the Lower and Upper Peninsula, there are no cars or motorized vehicles on the island, you take a beautiful ferry ride over, and if you detest fudge and/or horses you should stay away.

packed in like sardines
road to mackinac

greeted by Auntie and Nana

on the Ferry

that's the Mackinac Bridge

not a real horse

the Grand Hotel is truly grand (we didn't stay there)

and just in case you don't get your fill while you're on the island...

Tomorrow - Camping with a Toddler for Dummies and Adventures in the U.P. Part 1


style-for-style said...

can't wait for camping with toddlers, I'm sure it was FUN!!!

dianne said...

Wow! I should get some fudge shipped! Love seeing beautiful Michigan. Can't wait to see more of your adventure. You and Michelle and your many baby travels are so inspiring...xo


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