Tuesday, November 16, 2010

piles of unfinished projects...

I'm making way in organizing/decorating my crafting space in our spare bedroom upstairs. This is exciting! Especially since my parents' birthday/Christmas gift this year was replacing my broken sewing machine with a new amazing Singer sewing machine. I've already been using it every night working on new stuff that I'm pretty excited about, and to share with you!

So, as I am organizing and going through boxes of crafting stuff I began a little pile of works in progress (WIPs). The little pile grew to a big pile, and I have been feeling a tremendous wave of guilt. I imagine my little WIPs gathering together on a little island, much like the Island of Misfit Toys, all cutely animated in clay, lamenting to each other how close they each are to being completed projects...

"All I need is a few more stitches," says the embroidery stitch sampler I started a year ago.

"You think that's bad, all she did was draw me on the fabric, I feel naked!" replies the Christmas ornament regaling 'Jack's 1st Christmas'.

"We all need to be crocheted together!" weep the many granny squares that will some day be a blanket for Jack.

You get the point. I am in the process of saving these little WIPs from that sad little island of being unfinished for eternity. I feel like I have crafting ADD. So, I've documented all unfinished projects, have prioritized them in alignment with holiday projects, and will feel quite accomplished once (if ever?!) that little WIP island isn't so crowded! Anyone else have a WIP island like me?

mastering some  stitches

Beginning of Jack's blanket for his 1st bday


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