Sunday, October 03, 2010

it's happening again!

In less than a month we'll be in Europe again. Dan is heading there for his 3rd annual motorcycle expo in Milan, and I am tagging along for the second time. Our great friends, Caleb and Marci, will be our travel companions. I'm already making a mental packing list of all the clothes and shoes I want to take with. I am also thinking about all of the yummy drinks we enjoyed in Italy and France.

creme brulee et cafe au lait


camomilla the

chocolate croissant and cafe latte


happy cappy

And of course!

I'm also looking forward to simple things like:

Cute old Italian men who work at little shops like this
setting up shop

cliche European pics

and the age and beauty of old European cities
shop away

All this said, every time I think about this trip my heart sort of briefly stops. This will be the first time we're away from Jack for an extended period of time. I've only spent one night away from him. Ever. My family will be watching him, so I know he couldn't be in better hands, and will certainly be spoiled and loved beyond belief. I just feel like I'll be missing out. Every day is so new with him, and it will be strange not cuddling with him in the morning, eating meals with him, rocking him to sleep, stealing hugs and kisses as he wheels his trucks all over the house, etc. I know it's crazy, but I find myself occasionally wondering if he'll remember me when I come back. Or if he'll resent me for being gone for a little over a week. Dan assures me - Jack will remember us, he's not a fish. He won't resent us, he's not a cat. He's a boy and distance makes the heart grow fonder. Wise words from the husband, indeed.

Better start refreshing myself with French and Italian!

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dianne said...

What beautiful photos!!! Wish we could meet up...what are your dates?? Maybe I can find a cheap flight out...


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