Wednesday, October 27, 2010

easy peasy spidey

I made Jack's costume while he was napping today. His naps are just hour (he sleeps 14+ hours at night these days!), so I had to be quick and efficient! I gathered up a black sweatshirt, two pairs of girls' thick black tights, some bubble wrap, yarn, scissors and thread.

step one

I cut off the legs of the tights, being sure to save one of the tops for later. I decided on stuffing the legs with bubble wrap because a.) it's light, b.) it makes fun noises when the legs move, and c.) that's what we had lying around the basement.

step 2

I used the tops of the tights for the spider head/hat. I gathered the top and tied it with some yarn. I cut out some round pieces of white felt and sewed on some black buttons for the eyes. The eyes were then hot-glued to the hat.

step 3

I tucked in the ends and used a needle and thread to stitch them to the seam of the sweatshirt that he'll be wearing inside-out. (There's a T-Rex on the other side)

step 4
step 4.5

My little spider loved all of his arms! I was thinking about attaching the arms to each other, but as it turns out I like the way they all kind of flop around as he walks.

He'll be wearing some warm black fleece plants for his first real round of Trick-or-Treating, just had to have him try it on for size! This was so easy to make and would totally work for any age!

baby spider costume

and one from Dan's moped photo studio... (don't mind the dirty socks!)


Jane said...

Cutest li'l spider *ever*!

style-for-style said...

such a good idea! I love all the eyes


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