Sunday, October 24, 2010

costumes! costumes! costumes!

My sister's Halloween costume party was last night, so I can finally unveil the costumes I was working on for the past few weeks! I should apologize for the pics - low lighting is not conducive to iPhone pics!

My sister was Lady Gaga. She started the night out in a shiny silver dress, a curly wig, and a mask. Very Gaga-esque! THEN, she changed into Lady Gaga's meat dress that she wore for the MTV VMA Awards.

I must say this is the coolest looking thing I have ever made! I wanted to be close to the construction of the real dress, while actually using real cuts of meat throughout the one I was making.
gaga meat dress

I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! The T-bone headpiece and the boots are my favorite!

Going along with my sister's pop star theme, I went as Katy Perry. I also had two looks. I recreated the dress she wore in her controversial Sesame Street appearance, that was cut from the show as she was showing too much cleavage in the opinion of many parents.

Mine was far less controversial, but pretty funny, nonetheless. I did have to explain it to some people who were not completely up to par on pop culture news... They thought I was Katy Perry on her wedding day.
katy perry costume

I also had to pay homage to her blue wig that she donned a few times, so my second look was more comfortable and a nod to my days as a California Gurl.
california gurl

I also whipped up some salt and pepper costumes for my parents. Easiest costumes to make EVER! I dyed some chef hats gray, and hot glued some black dots on them, as they were the lids to the shakers. I bought some clear plastic "fabric," cut holes for their heads, and then hot glued some sparkly white and black felt pieces I cut out for the salt and pepper. Add and 'S' and a 'P' and VOILA!

Yay! Halloween is so much fun! Still not nailed down on what I'm doing for Jack's costume! haha I have a week left!


dianne said...

Wow, nice work! The meat dress is amazing! And, you look great with blue hair!

Emily said...

That meat dress is seriously incredible! You should be a professional Lady Gaga costume re-creator.


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