Thursday, October 28, 2010

up, up and away

be back sooon

We're heading back to Europe in about 24 hours. Back to Milan for a handful of days, as that's where Dan's motorcycle expo is, and the catalyst in our European get-away. We're then driving the French Riviera: stopping by Monaco for a trip to the aquarium perhaps, a night in Cannes, a few nights in Marseille, then making our way back to Milan. I brushing up on Italian and French, I'm so ready! Now packing light, as I've been directed to do, is a very difficult task. I'm seeking the wise consult of others: Marie Claire, and even Rick Steves is rounding up some advice for ladies who are seeking light suitcases!

While it will be so very nice having time away from home, to lounge, be out late, drink as much vino as my little heart desires, to nap whenever I feel like it, to drink espresso late in the day with no worry of needing to fall asleep so I can get up with Jack, etc, etc, etc...I am going to really miss the little guy! I hope me missing him doesn't get in the way of having a good time! I know he's is great hands, it's just that I've never been away from him! Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That's my mantra!

CIAO! See you in a week and a half! I'll have some great pictures, I promise!

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MARY said...

Have an awesome trip, buddy! And a fantastic birthday!!! I'm not sure of your exact itinerary, but Angus will be in France and Italy this coming week+ too. His dates are here:
If any of those dates line up with your schedule and you want to go to a show, let me know and we'll hook it up.
Love you girl!


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