Thursday, September 02, 2010

my motto - Do Fun Stuff

My life motto has taken the shape of an album of kids' music! I am all about doing fun stuff every day!

If you have kids, know kids, or plan to have them some day you need to know that kid music can be pretty terrible. This is probably not news to you. I really haven't gone there with Jack. We just enjoy our music with him, and he dances around. It's extremely adorable, so we have music playing all the time. His faves are Johnny Cash and the Magnetic Fields...but I foresee a problem. When he starts singing along I imagine it will be cute (at first) to hear him sing the lyrics, "I shot a man just to watch him die." Buuuut, I'm sure it would raise a few eyebrows on the playground.

In steps this album into my life, just in the nick of time! Music I want to listen to! Music Jack can sing along with without me embarrassingly explaining away! I want to hear more from these artists! And, I have fallen in love with the monster from the album cover. Like true love! I want a lifesize cutout!

And the best part of all this??? It's a charity album for Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS). Ryan Marshall from the blog Pacing the Panic Room rallied the troops to put this first album together. (Volume 1... means there's more to come!) Ryan shares his life with his readers, including his family's journey with SMS. He's an inspirational dude, and supporting this album (and all his hard work) will directly help out his family and all that are a part of the SMS community.

Check out the album on iTunes and listen for yourself! Spread the word to all parents you know that are beating their heads against the wall listening to Kidz Bop 123. I'll bet you'll want the album even if you don't have kiddos!

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