Monday, August 30, 2010

we all have our weaknesses

We have been such busy travelers as of late! Haven't had much time to be crafty or update the blog much. The next four weekends are booked too - Lady Gaga with my sis, Labor Day parade festivities, family trip to Mackinac Island to run the 8-mile race, a little road trip through the U.P. and back to Kalamazoo, Oktoberfest back home...I'll squeeze in some fun projects and such here though!

For today, I'll just speak on impending projects. Do you have a weakness? You hear about something, read about it, come across that something - and it must be yours? Some ladies love shoes, some love purses, some love baseball cards. For me, I love craft books. Hardcover, preferably. Spiral binding, nice! Ooohh, you have patterns and/or stencils in a cute little back pocket? - You were meant for me!

I recently looked down at the bookstore and saw this...

So hard to decide! I sat on the ground, flipping through the sturdy pages of each, marveling at all the projects I would love to make for this person or that person, thumbing through the patterns and stencils packed neatly away in the back of each...For a split second I picked them all up and headed off into the direction of the register. The logical part of my brain stepped up, and I figured since my sewing machine is in pieces, and some of those pieces are floating around somewhere at the repair shop of Sear's in South San Francisco, I should go for the ones that don't require a sewing machine...(for now!)

Stencil 101 Decor and Printing by Hand are mine! Oh yes, a houndstooth wall in the queue of projects for the ol' house! Look out!

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style-for-style said...

I wanted that book too, after I saw this


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