Monday, September 06, 2010

worth the wait!

Which is worse - sending out CUTE invites a month after a party OR sending out mediocre invites in a timely manner? I'm going with the former, of course!

I wanted to send out simple notes of thanks for Jack's birthday party. (Of course they had to match the color scheme from his party.) I wanted to put my own spin on it, so I got to work in Photoshop!

I set out with a plan to make Jack his own stationary with a little 'J' on the top of the thank you card...but then I created a little cartoon graphic of my little man! Things started moving fast from there! Next came the words, and then I realized I had to go with the literal meaning on "a little thank you" put this on tiny little cards for a true little thank you.

I wasn't sure exactly how I was going to put my design on the cards. After a little googling, I decided to get a stamp made! I went with I am not getting anything from them by any means, but their site was super easy to navigate, so I recommend going with them.

I opened the package and got to work. I suggest practicing with a new stamp, and playing around with colors. This stamp got a million times cuter when I stamped in black ink! (Oh, and I made a stamp for Dan too, as you can see with the orange "1977 mopeds" stamp.)

Now I just have to fill out the notes...

I am excited to have made it a stamp that we can use over and over again! I am making more now!

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dianne said...

AHH! Just got mine and they are tooo cute! The perfect little note to start the day with a smile! I'm so glad Jack likes his magnets-wish I could see his dance! besitos


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