Wednesday, August 25, 2010

come together, right now!

Slowly, but surely, things are coming together. Everything - daily routines, house stuff, re-acclimating to Michigan-living - it's all coming together.

As far as house stuff goes, I feel like most of my energy goes into Jack's room. Having never decorated a kid's room before, I've been having so much fun. While I was very excited when the shower curtains came in the mail, I find myself very excited finding things for Jack's room. I found a ceramic semi-truck planter that I fell in love with. I smiled the whole way home after having successfully bartered with the woman at the antique shop.

Baby/kid things are cute, bright and adorable. I really don't think things like a painted alphabet or adorable wooden trucks would be appropriate decor for the living room or the bathroom. That being said, I've had certain things in mind that I've wanted (this goes for the whole house, not just Jack's room!). I spend an embarassing amount of time in the late hours of the evening perusing Etsy and other design blogs and sites for things like beautiful screen printed aplhabets, cute framed sayings like "Let's be adventurers" and kid-friendly wallpaper. Seriously. Hours of clicking through framed alphabets, just not wanting to fork over $50 for the perfect one.

Since I knew what I wanted, I figured I should just make my own. After spending time actually thinking about the design of his room, I decided on a more subtle theme - a nod to Jack's place of birth that will certainly turn into bragging rights on the playground some day. "I used to live in San Francisco, California!" then a few years later he'll be claiming, "I grew up in San Francisco," which will inevitably grow into "Oh yeah, I used to play on the Golden Gate bridge every day."

Here is a sneak peek into his room. The walls have yet to be painted the chosen color of the San Francisco fog, but I am excited about the new art on the walls.

Good Morning, Golden Gate Bridge!

Jack's SF-lovin' shelves

and now I know my A-B-C's
hand-drawn/painted alphabet

painted alphabet wall art

To be continued...hopefully sooner than later!

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style-for-style said...

I wish I could have seen it! it looks sooo cute in the pics


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