Wednesday, May 19, 2010

to cut or not to cut...

The time has come. Well, I don't know. I've been growing my hair out for about 10 months now, and I am feeling the need to chop it off. I think many of us ladies go through these cycles. I know I always am. I really wanted to grow it out longer, but I am such an impatient person! AH!

Need. To. Cut. Hair.

Other than being one of my favorite actresses, Michelle Williams is quite the beautiful lady. I don't want to be like those people who take in a picture of a celebrity and say, "Make me look like this!" BUT I kind of want to take this picture into my go-to guy here in SF and say, "Make me look like this!!!"


Yeah, I am thinking about DYING MY HAIR! I've never done it, and I think a change would be fun. I can always dye it back, right? I am feeling quite adventurous today.

Hmmm...Can a person be indecisive and impulsive all at the same time? These battling feelings are giving me a headache. I can't decide! Mama needs a Shandy!


wrong idea bria said...

go for it. all of it. color/cut. blond like that takes maintenance though.. i think it looks best with a few weeks of outgrowth but more than 8 or so and it starts looking white trashy. its also bright bright blonde... which would take bleach and a toner, it could be expensive.

but the cut, i definitely think that cut is for you. you're cute. you have a cute baby. i love cute moms with cute short hair and cute babies.

i would say 100% yes on the cut, i would say think about the color a little harder. maybe you can do some panels of color under that bang, to see a difference without the commitment of going all over blonde and the responsibility of maintaining it.

dianne said...

I love the cut!!
The color is cute, but I agree-super maintanence, especially with dark hair...


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