Sunday, May 23, 2010

the world gets bigger every day

With it being the end of the school year, we are moving across the country in two weeks, I am trying to figure out my job situation for the next year, etc., we find ourselves so busy these days. I love in the midst of such chaos, we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of moments that make us want to figure out how to slow down time.

For the first time, once being put in the grass, Jack crawled around and loved it. It took us rolling around and rubbing our hands in it to convince him. Once we did that, he rubbed his hands in it and started laughing. Like ridiculously adorable laughter that made people stop on the sidewalk and watch this baby discover warm grass for the first time. It just melted my heart. I truly love being this little guy's mom.

Jack in the grass

Dan in the grass

He's amazing us every single day. He's 9.5 months and crawling like crazy. Crazy speed crawling. It's fun to watch. He insists on feeding himself and LOVES to eat just about anything - hummus on toast and cheesy baby raviolis are his faves. He climbs on anything and everything. He loves seeing himself in the mirror. He loves jumping (bouncing, really) in his crib. He cruises as he stands, bracing himself on the couch or the entertainment stand. He plays with his trucks and trains, using them as skates for his hands as he crawls around super fast. He loves being outside, especially when it's sunny and the wind blows his hair back. He's just starting to wave to other people, he's been waving at himself in the mirror for awhile now. He loves bath time so much. When the water is running he stands outside the tub, holding the edge, standing and bouncing in anticipation. Oh, and the clapping. Everything I've listed thus far is punctuated with clapping. All clapping, all the time.

AND!!! Today he said his first word!!! Da-da! We were so excited! I was nursing him before bed, he suddenly grabbed my leg and stood up and started waving toward the door. He was babbling along, and I thought I heard Da-da somewhere in there. He said it again, and again. Then Dan came in, and Jack was clapping and bouncing all over the place. Dan got in the bed and Jack basically tackled him. It was as if he was celebrating that Daddy heard him call. He just kept saying it over and over. Da-da! Da-da! He was already up past his usual bedtime, and the boy could not fall asleep. He wanted to celebrate, I think.

We celebrate new things every day around here. I love it.


Amber said...

I could tell you were just beaming writing all this down, and it's totally infectious because I found myself smiling while reading it.

How exciting it must be.

Alison said...

This post made me smile! Jack is SO CUTE! He gets cuter every time you post new pictures or videos of him.
Good luck with your job search! I hope you find something soon.

style-for-style said...

ahh exciting, I wonder what will come after mama, and dada...


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