Tuesday, May 18, 2010

and back we go

Our little Kastner clan is heading back to the Midwest! It's bittersweet, saying goodbye to San Francisco. Sharing the past three years with our friends here has been something I am proud to say we've done. I wouldn't be the same person had we not lived here. The last three years have been HUGE for us - we got married, had amazing jobs, traveled, and welcomed our amazing baby boy into the world.


Reasons moving is okay (In no particular order...):

1. We will be dodging the next earthquake.
2. Watch TV (Awards Shows, Sports Games, Dancing with the Stars) without a three hour delay - no east coast spoilers on Facebook/Twitter etc.
3. Seasons! AUTUMN! WINTER! YAY!
4. Jack and Blitz get a yard!
5. I get a garden!
6. No more skateboards and yappy dogs RIGHT OUTSIDE our bedroom window, waking up Jack all the time!
7. No more one-bedroom cave/shoebox! We will have a HOUSE with DOORS between rooms!
8. We don't have to turn off all the lights and whisper after 6 pm! Jack gets his own room!
9. No more driving around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot!
10. Living in a place where mortgage there is half our rent here!

...and OF COURSE...we will be closer to our families, which is so very important to raise Jack around all of them. We miss them so much!

I could make a huge list of all the things and people we're going to miss in San Francisco. I'll save that for another post. For now, we are simply looking forward to the move. It's happening soon too! Early June, we will be in the Mitten again.


Amber said...

Wow, so soon! I love it here but I completely understand how you're feeling except my family is only 84 miles away. I'm super attached to my job but I'm going to be moving to Oakland (and commuting!) at the end of summer because SF is just so expensive, and well I've lived here for a decade, 10 long but good years and I feel there is so much more to see outside of the 7x7. I couldn't imagine having a baby and making it work with the cost of everything here. I'm sure you're super excited looking forward to the next chapter, I know I would be.

Even though we were never super close I'm still going to miss you. I hope to see more of the midwest and middle America in general over the next few years and I hope to stop by Michigan soon so there is always that! And of course I'd love to just hang out sometime before you leave too.

Alison said...

Good luck with the move! Are you moving back to Kzoo or the east side of Michigan?

dianne said...

I'm sooo excited for this! Even though we'll still be an ocean away, thinking of you in Michigan just makes you seem closer! And summer visits to Michigan will be amazing(I can't wait to meet Jack)! Enjoy your last weeks in San Francisco!

Emily said...

Amber - You are definitely one of my favorite people in SF! You have always been so kind, supportive and a great friend! I've loved hanging out with you, even though I haven't seen you lately! :) PLEASE come visit us in Michigan! We have a guest room with your name on it!

Alison - we'll be back in good ol' Kalamazoo! This means we'll definitely be seeing more of you AND you can meet Jack soon! So excited!

Dianne - I can't see your comment any more, but being back DOES MEAN being closer! I am honestly SO EXCITED for you and Diego to meet Jack! AND I am so excited to see you myself! It's going to be a great summer!

mama n papa Ree said...

that initial transition from dowhateveryouwantamazingcouple to ohyeahnowwehavetothinkofanotherlife was/is such an ongoing challenge for every new mom/dad. I can't imagine how hard it must've been without family + all the financial strain of doing it in a big city.

you guys are so awesome, I think you'll find that no matter where you live, you're still the same great people who can make an amazing life for yourselves and Jack in MI too.

for purely selfish reasons, I'm super psyched you'll be closer to us and can't wait to get the lil rascals together ASAP. I know Emily's going to miss you something awful, though. :(

lots of hugs until we see you next!

Emily said...

This made me cry AGAIN! I'm really, really (times infinity) going to miss you guys.


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