Saturday, October 31, 2009

First Halloween for Jack

A while back I saw a "How-To" on Craftzine about how to create a beard. I was inspired to make a Halloween costume for Jack, because a baby with a beard is pretty funny. I used some hand-me-downs for the outfit, so really this costume cost $1 to make. Felt is cheap! And it really didn't take long to make either! I couldn't be happier about the results! He was quite the trooper letting us dress him up, even if it only lasted for a quick photoshoot!




AND he was a skeleton and a giraffe thanks to Auntie Elanor:

Baby Giraffe

Skeleton baby

AND he slept through his first pumpkin carving party...
Friday night pumpkin carving party

1 comment:

Marci Larsen said...

Totally strange and hilarious. I love you guys!


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