Monday, February 04, 2008

time for ch-ch-ch-changes

“So understand this, South Carolina. The choice in this election is not between regions or religions or genders. It's not about rich versus poor, young versus old. And it is not about black versus white. This election is about the past versus the future. It's about whether we settle for the same divisions and distractions and drama that passes for politics today or whether we reach for a politics of common sense and innovation, a politics of shared sacrifice and shared prosperity." --Barack Obama

This election is huge. Years and years from now we'll be discussing the powerful decision we all made in 2008.

This gave me goosebumps.


Alison Kay said...

I know! Me too!
I get to vote in my first primary next Tuesday since VA is still important in the election! Wooooo

molly said...

wow. me too. i've watched it four times already!


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