Sunday, February 10, 2008

sunshine, the pup in heat, and new earrings

The sun in shining and it feels like summer! After a week or two of gray and rain, I am reacquainted with sunshine and why we live in California. So nice! I'm going to LA this weekend for the Latebird's moped rally, and I am completely excited! Having never been to LA, I plan on star gazing, window shopping, and being in a movie or two while there. It'll be a good weekend.

Pigeon is showing signs of being in heat, which is NOT fun! We have to wait to get her spayed until she is through this mess, which can last for a month or something. NO GOOD!

Random good things about this weekend:
  • I just bought the perfect earrings at a "garage sale" for $1.
  • The long run on Saturday was perfect!
  • Good sushi and drinks at Blowfish, then free pizza and licorice Friday night at that climbing competition.
  • Saturday night in with Dan, ice cream, and a movie ("The Assassination of Jesse James...")
  • The best Sunday morning pancakes I have ever made!
  • Doing ALL of our laundry! ALL of it! REALLY! AMAZING!
new earrings!

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