Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the new year is upon us!

There was a man screaming "THE NEW YEAR IS UPON US!" in the panhandle today. I was walking through the park as I came across him dancing around. People were laughing, or shaking their heads in confusion, or simply ignoring the large man as he moved quite gracefully in his work boots. I gave him a high five as I passed him. He bowed to me. I giggled. It made my day.

I'm making resolutions this year. A handful of them.

  • do something creative every day
  • exercise
  • write more
  • read more
  • go see plays
  • write more letters
  • make more phone calls
  • show more compassion for everyone
  • hug more
  • give more kisses on cheeks
  • keeps my plants alive
This exact list is posted above my dresser. I've never made a New Year's resolution. Why not have 11 this year...

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