Tuesday, January 08, 2008

back in the swang o' thangs

Having two weeks off from work was amazing! We didn't go back to Michigan for Christmas, or go anywhere really. I had such a great time just being home, spending a lot of time with friends, and enjoying having nothing pressing to do. I feel more at home. More connected. It's a good feeling. And not really doing anything made the break seem so long! I loved it and felt ready to head back to school yesterday.

At school, it's been nice being back and catching up with everyone. Now a teacher who was on maternity leave is back, which is nice because she is great. But me, and the other new teacher, have to be "cart teachers" who have to jump around to different rooms throughout the day. Although I was dreading this, it's turning out to be a great thing for me! I have never been so organized! Such an accomplishment...I am crossing my fingers I can keep it up!


Nikkita said...

i should post more. you should post more. and thanks! ian and i are very excited!!!

Alison Kay said...

I was on a cart last year and it made me much more organized than I am now. BUT, I was still incredibly happy when I got to bestow my cart to my "sister" Tye and told her to have fun with it. It was strange getting a room after having a cart-- I didn't know where to put anything! I was so used to using just that space. Was it kind of like that for you, but from room to cart?


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