Sunday, June 10, 2007

Things are crazy, I'm escaping to books.

June Reading List:

  • Brief Encounters with Che Guevera (Short Stories) -- Ben Fountain
  • Harvest For Hope -- Jane Goodall
  • The Sunday Philosophy Club -- Alexander McCall Smith
  • Flight -- Sherman Alexie
  • To the Lighthouse -- Virginia Woolf
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains -- Tracy Kidder
  • Little Children -- Tom Perrotta

Summer days filled with reading and lemonade. If only we had a hammock.


Alison Kay said...

little children is really good! i read it in a day. it's really easy to get through. the movie... not so much.
i've stolen (with the blessings of my dept. head, so.. more borrowing than stealing) so many books from our book rooms to read this summer, it's ridiculous.

liralen said...
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