Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Neither here nor there

A few months ago I was beyond excited about a roll of black and white film I had shot. After quite a lull in picture taking, I was proud of the pictures on this roll of film, and I couldn't wait to see how they turned out. I slipped the film away into the black and gray film cartridge, planning to return to it later to take it to Norman's to get developed. I am in the nasty habit of putting important items in "safe places" so I will remember where there are. Now it would be wise to have one safe place to count on, but for whatever reason I seem to have a baker's dozen of "safe places" which all seem to be a mystery to me once I place something in these special places. I have lost so much stuff this way!

Here's the short list:

  • roll of black and white film
  • journal of short stories I am writing
  • one of my favorite gold owl earrings
  • $75 check for Birdie's bakery
  • the ongoing battle of losing chapstick
  • the ongoing battle of misplacing my iPod nano (It's so small!)
  • my favorite blue pen with everlasting ink (had it since sophomore year of college)

Perhaps my only resolve is to carry a map of my house and classroom around at all times. Rather pirate-like, I'd say, but I could write down these special places as I designate them as such and always know where things are.


Alison Kay said...

haha. this is kinda like my sunglasses list. i can now add one pair of sunglasses (just bought) lost in a classroom or left in the classroom and picked up by a student (this happened to me last june, too, you would think i would learn)
i bet you'll find all that stuff when you move. that's the best part of moving out of a place!

Mary said...

I keep losing postage stamps! And they're getting expensive these days!
I miss you, Em.


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