Sunday, May 06, 2007

we'll be adding length to ropes, ones that extend across the country

I love my family.

It's never been so hard to be away from them. Drinking Coronas in my parents "sun room" and watching the Kentucky Derby on Cinco de Mayo with mom, dad, and Elanor was completely perfect. My sister and I have never been so close as we are now. It feels good and right; how sisters are supposed to be. We actually share things about our personal lives, and count on each other for support and advice.
I was so sad to leave today.

I wanted to stay and watch basketball, baseball and hockey all at the same time with my dad, the way he does when he flips back and forth between different games. I wanted to lay on the couch with my mom, sharing my favorite blanket she croquetted while watching some movie, probably Lord of the Rings. I wanted to watch season after season of Muppets Tonight or more 'Brian Fellow's Safari Planet' with Elanor.

It's not like I live next door as it is not, but I do like the fact that they're all a short drive away. I suppose even further distance makes the visits that much sweeter. I know this will be the case.

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