Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dixon Ticonderoga #2 soft

Back to school. Things are moving along nicely. Although I do have several to-do lists that only seem to grow, I feel good about things; like I know what I'm doing. Last year was chaotic, stressful, lacking any sort of organization, and a knock-down drag-out mess. This year, I know the students, they know me, I feel like I know what I'm doing, and I am happy. There have been a few fights was CRAZY between two girls involving heads being crushed on lockers, braids nearly getting pulled out, and kicks in the face. Four teachers had to break it up. Intense. When three teachers couldn't pull the girls apart, I rarn downstairs to get the principal and fell down the stairs. No one saw. Good thing though, I wouldn't ever live it down if anyone had seen it. I don't get why two girls who are sleeping with the same dude would fight each other...FIGHT THE DUDE, LADIES! HE'S THE ASSHOLE WHO'S PLAYING YOU BOTH! They don't get that though.

Ms. Hallman's Fall '06 Improvements:
  • more organized...I can see my desk!
  • more comfortable in the school
  • more comfortable with teaching content
  • Planning ahead of time better
  • orchestrating my time better
  • not as stressed
  • don't cry after school every other day! (I haven't cried at all about school this year)
I have begun a balancing act of teaching all day, tutoring after school two days a week, Birdie's Bakery endeavors a few nights a week, working at the Rocket Star on the weekends, grading papers, researching grad school, applying for grants, writing lesson plans, etc., etc., etc. I've got so much packed into every week that the week seems to fly by.

Fall has begun. That's the best part of life right now. I can't even describe how much I love the fall. I love sweaters, blankets, cuddling, and warm beverages. The feeling of cold, rosie cheeks while feeling internally warm from a long walk or bike ride is perfection. I can't wait to pass out candy on Halloween on our porch, carving pumpkins, hitting up an apple orchard, and turning 24.

Things are good. I need to write some lesson plans.

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