Saturday, August 19, 2006

summer is almost over.

I got this little gem from Upscale thrift store for free. It was for sale for $150 and the old man said, I'll give it to you for free if you can pick it up within the hour. I did. And now it's mine.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys of my summer has been watching all the flowers in our yard come and go. I have no idea what half of them were, but I am learning. The raspberries throughout July were delicious. I was proud to plant things and watch them grow, although a grerat deal of my garden was demolished. The cherry tomatoes were unharmed and I am constantly out in the garden sneaking them in the middle of the afternoon. I got Dan a few blueberry bushes for his 3-5 years we'll have 40 pounds of blueberries. Yum. All I can think of is, "Violet, you're turning violet!"

Not working for three months has been very nice. Since we've been back from Seattle I have become a little restless and eager to get back to school. Having a routine improves my mental well being and helps me feel like I am actually getting things done. I am happy to say that traveling this summer was so much fun. I've been all the way from NY to Seattle, and many places in between. Very nice. Beautiful places.

In breaking 904 S. Rose news, we made our first huge home improvement today when we received a new refridgerator and oven. Now our food won't be covered in water and then frozen, and we have an oven that has 4 working burners and an oven you can actually know how how it is. My mom is pleased because the leaking gas oven concerned her greatly. I never thought I would be excited over an oven and a fridge, but I genuinely am! Erin Louise and I broke in the oven with a batch of maple streussel muffins! DELICIOUS! Oh, and our plans for our vegan bakery are coming along nicely. It's very exciting. Everyone in the world should be excited about Birdie's!!! Dan loves his role in our business development as "official taste tester."

The evening is breezy and cool, calling for a long sleeve of some sort. I am off to a bon fire.

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