Monday, June 12, 2006

there's still sand in my shoes

I'm all about every moment feeling magical. My days go better that way. I like getting excited about raspberry lemonade, garlic crust, a bike ride to a grassy park, and a good song.

Speaking of good songs, Dan and I went to see "Wicked" with my family yesterday. Seeing how I watched The Wizard of Oz 345,535, 001 times as a child and played the mayor of munchkin city in a kindergarten production of the story, I was very intrigued by the back story of those darned witches. I was impressed and am now ultimately sympathetic for the Wicked Witch of the West. She got a real bad rap. Marc Platt (playwright) and Stephen Schwartz (composer and lyricist) are my new friends. They just don't know it.

Summer is moving along swimmingly. I like that word a lot. Swimmingly. I have been making lots of nice things. I plan on getting extremely inspired by some renegade crafters in Brooklyn in less than a week. Then there is a DIY craft fair in Cincinatti during the Bomb Prom. I also plan on getting very inspired by the old gal, Mary J. Pearson, not Blige. I will spend my flight adding to my drawing gallery of everything that's happened in Kalamazoo since she moved to Brooklyn. I hope I don't forget anything.

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