Friday, May 12, 2006

she blinks and then it's over

Ah, it's Friday. TGIFF. My seniors have only 5 days of school left. I can see through their cocky arrogance, right through to the core, and I can tell they are very nervous about venturing to the "real world." I am scared for some of them. I feel like such a momma bird for them, watching them leave "the nest." There are a few I'd like to shove, kick, and punch out of the nest, but if I did that I would certainly lose my job. The year has flown by.

"It's raining here," I say. "It's beautiful here," Mary replies. I'm so glad Brooklyn in beautiful for the old gal. So glad. I do miss her already. A lot.

Friday night is date night. This means Indian food and a movie. Tomorrow is Saturday and a nice day around the house. Sunday is pancakes and cleaning. I like the routine of our lives. I don't like Monday mornings. Does anyone?


mary said...

oh, emily. i love you so much and i miss you like crazy. brooklyn's been lovely, but it's lacking a certain lovely lady (you).

waltermartin5065722892 said...
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