Monday, May 16, 2005

No one reads this.

I suppose this is my "secret" journal. Seeing how I publically post it, it's not a true secret, but I just don't think people read it.

I'm an ass who fell off a moped yesterday. I hate that. I hurt my arm, my shoulder, my thumb, and my pride. After that, the rest of the ride was not fun. I'm done whining about it.

I showed "The Miracle Worker" to my freshman today, and I had to fight myself from crying. This was in part to: 1.) being a really encouraging and touching true story, 2.) bringing back a feeling of high school when we read the play, and 3.) everything makes me want to cry today.

Things are wonderful, although I hate my dreams at night. More like nightmares. No goblins or boogeymen. Just a villian of sorts that I know, but never really knew.


Summer in winter
Winter in springtime
You heard the birds sing
Everything will be fine
(Thank you, Belle and Sebastian)

Emily, you're lame.


mark said...

i read it.

don't worry, i have fallen off my moped before. it hurts for a while and then you're over it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it is read by I.

And what in the hell is Belle and Sebastian. I have their CD Tigermilk, and have yet to listen to it.

(Mind you I've had it for going on half a year, so sad.)


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