Friday, February 25, 2005

dreams while sleeping in class

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I fell asleep during my Internship seminar class.  (It was a long day at school.)  Mrs. Jane Kramer was informing us on all of our graduation requirements and all the steps neccesary to become certified teachers so we can get real jobs.  And, I fell asleep.  Hopefully this isn't foreshaowing a dim future for my career.  Well, I still don't know if I want to be a teacher, anyhow. 

Ms. L. Sorrentino cleverly captured this pleasant photo op.

This is a picture of me dreaming. 

I am dreaming about streets without slushy snow, mornings when I can walk out of my house without a jacket and without having to scrape snow off my car, and parking lots without ice so I can race boys to the car without fear of busting up my knee and my hand.

I am dreaming about the spring sunshine that slowly changes into summer sunshine.  I am eager for summer days of being a college graduate and taking a deep breath of fresh air before I figure out what kind of job I really want to dive into.

I am dreaming about lying around with the most handsome boyfriend ever while we laugh and go back and forth between humorous and serious conversations.  And we sit on a couch and read in silence, right next to each other.

I am dreaming about making lists of things to do with all my beautiful friends.  In this dream I have nothing but time for everyone and absolutely no concerns about money. 

And then I wake up at the nudge of a few elbows from my neighbors because apparently something is important in this dumb lecture and I should pay attention.

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