Monday, February 21, 2005

I need a band-aid for my leak.

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    People seem to love balloons.  They're always handed out to make people smile, to brighten someone's day, to wish someone well, etc.  Now I know there are some people who dislike balloons, but on the whole, most people at some point in their lives like balloons.  I must admit I had a bad encounter with a clown and balloon animals at my dad's company picnic when I was nine, but I am not completely jaded from the role positive role balloons play in our society.

    Now let's say I am a balloon.  I'll be one of those shiny silvery balloons with green writing that says something terribly cheesy like, "Dont't worry, Be happy" or "SMILE!".  I don't know about that actually.  I think I want a nice landscape on my balloons, like a castle in Scotland or something. 
    So, regardless of that, I am still the balloon that is generally happy, but I am learning what it feels like when a balloon attains a slow leak.  It's simply terrible.  The balloon is still it's happy balloon self, but there seems to be a sudden realization that all the energy and life that gives it its shape is slowly sneaking out.  It's a sad day when a balloon realizes this is happening.  Really, it is.  How does a balloon re-fuel when it has no arms or hands to put air back into itself?  Such a paradox!

    I am at the middle of my student teaching, and I feel completely drained.  I don't know how to energize myself anymore.  I didn't know what was wrong until I started thinking about balloons.  But that's my problem.


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