Sunday, December 12, 2010

knock it off

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? I've been a busy bee trying to replicate some wonderful things I've seen here on the good ol' internet. I love a good tutorial!

I saw this wreath on the cover of Readymade (and featured here on Design*Sponge) and have wanted to make one myself for such a long time! I didn't have rope, or buttons without holes in them, or those zigzag scissors...but I think it turned out alright. It's growing on me.
holly jolly wreath

I saw some tiny elves that I fell in love with over at My Paper Crane (a blog/shop by Heidi Kenney - I've mentioned her before). Who knew tall pointy hats were so difficult to make?! Maybe I was just tired, which at that point I should have set them aside and finished them later. But I was so excited! Painting fine detail when you're tired is troublesome. They turned out cute, but they could have been much cuter! I think I am going to make another batch to redeem myself!
lil elves

And finally, I saw the most amazing eyeglasses case in an embroidery Flickr pool that I am a part of. Aren't these completely awesome?! What a super fun gift to make! The case isn't completed in the picture below, but you get the idea!
eyeglasses case

There are still a few more projects I'm planning on trying very soon - I'm so excited to make these fake sugar cookie ornaments tonight! And these head wraps will not only keep my ears warm, but are very cute ways to hide the awkward phase I'm currently going through with growing out my hair!

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style-for-style said...

I do like the yarn version better than the rope on D*S, looks more cozy


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