Sunday, July 25, 2010

collage not college

We've had this old window just hanging out on our front porch for quite some time. Classy, I know. We have no idea where the window once belonged, but its life under/on the porch had not been easy on her. I've had plans for that window, and finally talking turned into action this weekend.


My old window collage was so easy to make! I sanded it, threw on a fresh coat of paint, added two eyelet screws on the top, and then some wire to hang it with. I got some magnets from Michael's craft supply store, and grabbed the nearest pictures we had laying around! Voila!

window collage frame

It's going to be so easy to swap out the pictures whenever we feel like it!

Here's the whole wall the collage is a part of in the dining room.
dining room wall

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style-for-style said...

woah Emily, you don't need my help at all, this set up is awesome!


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