Sunday, May 09, 2010

science-y things round-up

Being a high school science teacher I feel inclined toward all things science. Total geek, I know. I'm okay with this. It's not like I am like that teacher from the "Magic School Bus" books.

I lean towards such amazing things as these...

I just finished up a unit on Viruses and Bacteria with my Biology students. I've seen these plush bacteria at different gift shops at the science museums of SF. I like putting a cute spin on things that can really wreak some havoc in the world.

And while we're talking plush, the folks at making the gross squishy things inside our bodies cute and squishy. I love that heart!

I found this fabric on Just need to figure out what I want to make with it!

Oh! I know! I can use the fabric to make a cute bag to hold these. I am in love with these blocks!

AND. THIS. NECKLACE. IS. ADORABLE! I need to convince my best friend to be a nerd! I don't think it'll take much convincing! It's so cute!

These pencils on Etsy are amazing! Being a lover of pencils and stationary, I'd totally ditch my Dixon Ticonderoga #2 soft for these little gems.

There it is. That's my dose of science-y things today. Can't wait to share my crafty science projects that are in the making!

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KimGold said...

Oh my god, I must have that nucleotide necklace!


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