Tuesday, December 01, 2009

there was a point to taking French in high school

Even though many rendered taking French "useless" in high school, I have found many a great use for what I learned. I think those nay-sayers thought Spanish was a bit more practical. While I am squarely on the side of the fence that says all languages are wonderful, I think the cutest phrase I've ever known has been the French saying, Je t'aime mon petit chou. And now I've emblazoned it through the mighty craft of embroidery.

(I love you my little cabbage!)
close up of cabbage

And those coffee lovers out there, who wouldn't love to drink from such a cute cup o'joe?

un cafe


KimGold said...

Emily, those are so adorable and amazing!

style-for-style said...

I love all those!!!
especially the tasse du cafe, although the chou chou is cute too.
yay french

Kathleen said...

OMG, Emily, I think I am gonna fall over from the cuteness.


Okay, getting back up now. LOVE, love, love them both!!!!

Cara Cat. said...

WOW: Love, love, love them.

Did I mention, I love them?

rosanna said...

uh, these are awesome.

mama n papa Ree said...

omg I LOVE!

what are these on???

darn, you're crafty!


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