Monday, October 26, 2009

apple crisp, apple butter, apple pie...

Apple Hill in Placerville, CA is quite the compound for those who are into apples. So sad my camera did not have a charged battery to capture Jack's first apple orchard excursion, but we got a few good moments on film! We went with my Aunt Linda, my cousin Ben, his wife Kathy, and their adorable kids Addie and Corbin.

Loving apple hill

So now I have this:
Apple mate 2!

and a 1/2 bushel of some golden delicious magic:
Golden delicious what to make...


dianne said...

ooo the apple peelers are amazing! That's what we used at the orchard to make hundreds and hundreds of apple pies!

rosanna said...

that apple peeler is awesome. we have joel's grandpa's vitorio strainer, which makes apple sauce in like a second. those are some good lookin' apples.


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