Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Diaper Plan

We've always been planning on using cloth diapers.

A few good reasons:

1.) Save money!!! Dang! Diapers are expensive!
2.) Save the world! The way this dude runs through diapers, we'd be filling up the landfill.
3.) Comfort! I've read that diaper rashes are nonexistent with cloth diapers, and having something soft on your bum is a million times more comfortable than some plastic mess.

The original plan was to use regular diapers for the first few weeks as we get accustomed to baby life. Well, a month has passed by already and we've yet to transition. I've been researching which kind to get, and tapping into the wisdom of some cloth diaper gurus I've met while I was preggo. I'm soaking in all the tips on washing and getting into the cloth diaper groove. I've heard great things about "Thirsties" and a whole lot of wonderful things about "Fuzzibunz". (

For many reasons, I've been neglecting ordering them, but turns out my procrastination could pay off and if I'm super lucky I could win some in a Fuzzibunz giveaway giveaway from Ryan, Cole and their family at

Here's to hoping we can win and save a buck or two! Fingers crossed!
Thirsties AIO_all


mcentellas said...

Ask Kate what kind we use (I can't remember the various companies we use). We now use plastic on occasion (actually, diaper rash is more common w/ cloth than w/ plastic). But we're happy w/ the cloth diapers we used almost exclusively for about 18 months, and about 50/50 now.

Cloth diapers are WAY more expensive at first. But after a few months, they more than make up for themselves. The cost takes a while to make up, since you do have to run your washing machine 2-3 extra times per week. But after a few months, the cost starts to balance out (both in $$ & environmental footprint).

style-for-style said...

have you heard about elimination communication?


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