Saturday, February 14, 2009

I love St. Valentine

I am in love with many things, especially CRAFT: blog. ( I love all the amazing crafty ideas, and I especially love little updates about secret little events that are happening in my lovely city! About a week ago I dragged Emily and Jason to a Valentine-making party at a book store in the Marina. While it was mildly stressful with 20 women or so squeezing around a small table, vying for 8 pairs of scissors, 9 glue sticks while glitter was exploding all around, it was a lot of fun. This was the final result (albeit a little sloppy with ink that's been smudged)- a Valentine for my husband from me and the baby:

Wooooo....loves you?
We do!

I should have really posted a "belly pic" sooner, but life has been busy.

4 months along - real smile

I'm 4 months along and the baby is roughly about 3.5 oz. and the size of a large avacado. Little baby is forming ear bones so may be able to hear our voices soon! Exciting! The taste buds are forming, and for some reason that is so cute to me! And its hair and eyebrows and eyelashes are filling in. ADORABLE! I love knowing what's going on throughout the whole process, everything is incredibly remarkable! Life! What an amazing thing!

Oh! And a 4-day weekend highlight: I finally went to the Academy of Sciences yesterday with Shannon. It's amazing. I definitely want a membership ASAP. There's so much to read and to see and to experience! My favorite part was the living roof. 2 acres of amazing-ness.

2 acres of living roof


laura said...

your valentine is amazing!!!
I'm feeling guilty now.

dan said...

it was the best valentine I could get!

Amber said...

I love craftzine too! the cutest things to make/do ever are on there.


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