Friday, January 23, 2009

poor danny

My goodness.

It's been quite the crazy week! I have had a sinus headache for the entire week! Monday night Dan had left to go on the Moped Monday ride, and I was off to bed. I couldn't fall asleep for the life of me! I laid there forever, and when I finally fell asleep I woke up to the dogs barking like mad. Once they quieted down I heard voices outside (which is normal for living on street level), but now the voices were familiar and I was half-awake, listening to bits and pieces of what sounded like people discussing an accident. Before I realized what was going on I got really annoyed that they woke me up because I had finally fallen asleep! It was 11, way too early for Dan to usually come home from the ride, so I knew something was up. He came in, moaning and groaning, and gave me a rather brief explanation of what had happened. He was stopped at a light and someone rode right into him full speed, knocking him off of his moped. At that point Dan just thought his arm was swollen and he had cuts and scrapes. We went to bed and he was thinking about heading to the doctors in the morning. Dan doesn't have insurance, so money is always a concern when heading to the hospital.

Sidenote: A lot of people are surprised that Dan doesn't have insurance seeing how I am a teacher, and you would be right to assume that he'd have it through my work. When we got married I put him on my insurance and asked if there was a charge or anything. When we weren't told there was we signed him up, only to find they were taking out $750 a month!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I have the worst insurance ever.

Ok, so Dan went to the doctor's and it turns out he has 2 fractured arms! 2 slings!!! Needless to say poor Dan is not so good right now! He's in a lot of pain and can't do a whole lot by himself. I was exhausted every day as it is being preggo, but now everything's on me. I'm not trying to reel in the pity, but it's just been one long week!

On an exciting note, little baby baby is about the size of a peach these days. I am 13 weeks along and I've got the ever-growing baby bump. (I'll post pictures this weekend of my bump and Slings McGee.) Right now baby is forming teeth and vocal chords, and the intestines are moving from the umbilical cord to the baby's tummy. So much is happening every week! It's wild! I look forward to being deep into the less exhaustive 2nd trimester (fingers crossed that it is in fact less exhaustive) when I'm not gagging and naseous all the time. This gag reflex I've got going on is terrible!!! Being cold, the smell of certain things, brushing my teeth, and the texture of some food makes me gag like crazy. I've had no morning sickness but this gagging issue I have needs to go!

Hopefully I can squeeze in a nap this afternoon. I want to be able to have a late Friday night because Mary and Kelly are in town! High Places is playing at the Bottom of the Hill, and I am so excited to see some great friends!

I have my prep period right after lunch, and it's so incredibly hard to get things done after I have a full belly. All I want to do is sleep! I need to walk around and find something to do before I fall asleep on my computer and my 6th period students walk in and find me that way.

Happy Friday!


nikkita said...

Ian and I saw Dan in Kalamazoo awhile back and he told us your good news. I've been holding off on saying anything until it was official, but congratulations! What an exciting time for you two. I am sorry about Dan's arms though. I hope your morning sickness, etc. leaves you soon and that Dan heals quickly!

molly said...

sorry to hear about the accident. that really sucks.
and, i hadn't checked in awhile--congrats on being preggers! that's awesome! lucky you!


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