Wednesday, November 12, 2008

an sfmoma kind of afternoon

Zach was in town!

we watched people in love

I fell in love with strangers
collage book

said hello to my homeboy miro
Miro - my fav

remembered there are moments when I love Andy Warhol
National Velvet (Warhol)

hated myself for accidently using a flash on a Pollock!!! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!
(I deleted the one that I used the flash because I felt like such an ass!)

and we recreated moments...thank you, Jeff Wall!
recreating moments

and realized I could look at this tree for days.
dead or alive


Kim said...

I love the MOMA!

That's one of my favorite places in the city (in the little i have seen, really)

molly said...

i think i could maybe even LIVE in that tree.


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