Saturday, November 22, 2008

one, un, uno, ein

Our 1st wedding anniversary is Monday (Nov 24!!! Since it's a Monday and I have class we celebrated last night.

363 days ago we were here:

In romantic celebration mode, Dan took the reins in organizing our 1st anniversary! Ah! So fun! He surprised me and took me to an adorable French restaurant, Cafe Jacqueline, in North Beach/Telegraph Hill. San Francisco still amazes me every day! This place was tucked away on a street that completely reminded us both of Europe. How perfect.
1st Wedding Anniversary

The restaurant was so small and the food was amazing! We started out each having a bowl of (extremely hot!) onion soup! It was the best onion soup I've ever had.

onion soup
(I borrowed this picture from someone on Yelp because my camera died after we took the picture of us!)

Then we split an amazing prosciutto and mushroom souffle. Oh my goodness. Words can not express how amazing this was!

Good pick, Danny!

It has been so much fun celebrating our anniversary. We've been making up "traditions" that we are going to do every year. At this point, I've already begun to forget what most of them are!

Oh, and speaking of the fact that it's been A YEAR, I still don't have my wedding pictures/album! The whole photographer situation was disastrous! Even though they turned out bad and don't capture the fact that we got married in a beautiful art gallery, I still want them!

Okay, venting aside, we couldn't be happier!

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molly said...

oh, the first wedding anniversary is SO fun! congratulations! i loved all your wedding photos (i got lost in them on flickr on day...)have fun, fun, fun, it just gets better together!


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