Thursday, November 27, 2008

let the holiday season begin!


As much as I would love to be home in Michigan, lounging around all day on my parents' couch, watching football and chatting it up with Elanor, Dayna, Rawley, Uncle Dan, mom and dad, and Dan...I am excited to go to Sacramento and spend it with family there. My Aunt Linda is preparing a feast and I get to see my cousin Andy (who I haven't seen in YEARS) and his girlfriend. It will be a very nice Thanksgiving!

I was going to bake a pie, but we went out to celebrate Emily's birthday last night. We went and played Lazer Tag, ate pizza and had cupcakes, in true 10-year-old style (she just turned 25). It was a blast, yet there is no pie. I am thinking the grocery store may be cleaned out of pies...we'll see!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be thankful for everything!

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