Tuesday, September 02, 2008

what's up with my stinky feet?

It's been a while. Let's recap the last month.

My feet smell.
I've never had stinky feet. Even after running a half marathon my feet didn't smell too bad. The other night I was at class and I took off my shoes because my feet were warm. After a few minutes I started to smell something horrid...it was MY feet! It took a moment to realize it, and once I did I put my shoes on fast, looking around to see if people were physically disgusted with the smell. I couldn't really tell because the lights were off as we were watching a movie on the human body. Now that I think about it, I notice the smell when I wear these new slip on shoes I got. I wear socks though. Is there any turning back from here, or is it stinky feet from here on out? Maybe it's the shoes?

Back to school.
I am loving teaching this year. I love my biology class, and the biology class I'm taking right now. My Integrated Science classes are all great too! Good kids! The new freshmen class is a lot calmer and more put together than last year's batch. I have a new goal I'm working towards which is going to UC Berkeley for grad school next year. It will be a lot taking classes over there part time while teaching, but I can do it! Environmental Science, Policy, and Management: Ecosystems Sciences. Very exciting! It's my 4th year of teaching (already!) and I am working harder (in the best way possible) than I ever have. It's like teaching has clicked in, makes sense, and I am in the groove, so to say. I am definitely a better science teacher than an English teacher. I realized that just because I love to read and write doesn't make me a great English teacher. I don't have much time for anything else during the week nowadays, which is okay. I'm having fun. Although my daily commute on BART has turned into grading papers and planning rather than reading books for my own pleasure. I like being on science overload though.

Fresh Farm to You
I am excited about this service! We're getting local organic produce delivered every other week! They send recipes and the first delivery comes tomorrow! We'll see what comes! Surprises, surprises!

Back to just being engaged
I haven't updated on the wedding ring ordeal. Good news and bad news. Good news: Pigeon didn't eat the antique engagement ring! She carried it to our bedroom and buried it in a sweatshirt she was using as a bed. I found it when I was cleaning up before my family got here. Bad news: The wedding ring is still mangled and I haven't had time to take it to a jewelers. Soon, I hope.

Milan, Milan
Plans are in the works for our trip to Italy in November. Dan was heading there, now I am tagging along so we can finally have a honeymoon! First use of the passport!

love the pups
Things were rough with Pigeon this summer. We were sadly thinking about giving her to friends or family because it was getting intolerable having her crazy antics, and egging on Blitz, in our 1 bedroom place. But, she's turned a new leaf all of a sudden and is the dog we've always wanted! So happy!

life is good, even with stinky feet.


Kim said...

It's definitely the shoes!

My cutest shoes make my feet smell like garbage.

appleoftheearth said...

I am glad you found your ring and that teaching is going so well! Maybe when I come to SF we can have some teacher talk (because I seriously love my students already!). MISS!

Mary said...

Nice to hear about your life, li'l lady! I'll be in SF next month and I hope hope hope I can see you! I think we have a day off too!!


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