Sunday, July 27, 2008

my library book is 27 days overdue

My summers have gone from one extreme to another...

The first summer after graduating college was intolerable. I had a huge guilt complex that I wasn't doing anything, especially working. Every day I would complain to Dan, "Ugh! I feel terrible that I am not working or doing something!" I really can't remember what I did. I wasn't even looking too hard for a teaching job, one just sort of fell in my lap at the end of the summer.

The past two summers in Kalamazoo were amazing! Lots of craft-making, trips to the Farmers' Market, reading, walks with Blitz all over town, bike riding, picking up shifts at the Rocket Star, trips home to work at Scamp with my mom and sis, drawing, zine-making, having lunches at the Food Co-op or Just Good Food or Food Dance (hahaha - I only liked to eat at places with the word 'food' in it!), walking down to the library, or the candy store, or finding amazing things at Polly and Esther's, sitting on the roof at Harvey's, nighttime bike-riding singing "Make New Friends, But Keep the Old", walking for dinner at Fandango then walking over to the movies (and only paying like $5 AND getting free pop and popcorn!)...

THIS summer hasn't been much of one. The word BUSY comes to mind when reflecting on these last few months. Working 10-hour days five days a week has been less than desirable physically and financially. My compensation certainly doesn't meet the work load. AND by the time I get home I am too drained to do ANYTHING! AND for the last month or so I have been ending my 10-hour work day by working at the shop. I mean I have been mostly painting things and stuff, but it gets tiring, and it will be nice to go back to a normal routine of life where I get to sit down, make dinner at home, and relax a bit. I am actually excited for this summer to be over... Although I have the busiest semester ahead of me! I am teaching a new class AND taking a few of my own.

Here is a pic of the new shop:
Dom behind the counter

I am proud of my handiwork! (The 77sf wall)

There are many more pics of the shop on my flickr account! Check it out!

I have the next few days off. I will turn in my library book, check out another, go grocery shopping, watch a movie or two that we have on Netflix, go running, finish making our bedroom beautiful, have lunch with some co-workers that I miss, and enjoy some peace and quiet.


Kim said...

I, as well, have not been having much of a summer for the same kinds of reasons.

And we both live in such gorgeous cities and should be enjoying them!!

The Kzoo summer before we left was pretty killer.

Alison said...

The new shop looks awesome and cute! Good job with the painting.


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