Monday, May 05, 2008

i need new running shoes

We did it! Emily and I ran our half marathon, which we have been training for since January.
There were some tough moments in the race that Emily pulled me through, and running through a gorgeous forest of giant Redwoods made beautiful distractions to hurting knees, pained feet, and a grumbling stomach.

Having one half marathon under my belt, I definitely know some things I would change:

  • eat a bigger breakfast
  • carry some sort of energy food or powergel goo with me on the run
  • make sure my shoes aren't past their prime! (runners usually get new shoes once a year or so, give or take a few months depending on how much you run...I've had mine for a few years. Wanting to squeeze a few more miles and save a few bucks for now was not a smart move!)

We stayed up there for a few days. The Super 8 was deluxe! We drove through the race course today so Dan and Graham could see how far 13.1 miles is (we really needed to make them realize how FAR of a run it really was, as if they didn't know!) and so that they could witness some unique northern California amazing wilderness.

We had so much fun on the drive home driving through trees, buying pretty wood, and eating sunflower seeds. It was a perfect weekend!


Alison said...

congrats on making it!

Nikkita said...

I was so surprised and happy to hear you had RSVP'd! Ian and I are very excited and glad that it worked out. Let me know when you'll be in town so I can clue you in to any festivities happening beforehand. Erin will be coming too!

Are you and Dan still vegetarians?


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