Tuesday, December 21, 2010


When I was in 6th grade, I was sure I was going to be playing the clarinet for the Boston Philharmonic when I was an adult. I actually have this written in a notebook that is tucked away in a closet in my parents' house. At this point I had been playing a year, so the aspiration was clearly attainable. Clearly. I would borrow my dad's CD's, and stack them up next to my fancy CD player. I would listen to Beethoven (pronounced BEET- Hovin'), Chopin (CHOPPIN'), and Tchaikovsky (TRY-COUGH-SKI) for hours. My dad gave me a CD of my own for Easter, since I had fallen in love with Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. In my mind it was a completely normal thing for any 6th grader to be listening to classical music in her bedroom, perusing the CD jacket of "Mad About Tchaikovsky" like it was Tiger Beat magazine or something. Yeah, I was cool.

Exhibit A: Very cool, indeed.

I haven't thought about any of my dashed symphonic dreams for quite some time. That is, until this past weekend when my sis and I took in an evening show of Black Swan. All I can say is, Whoa! Listening to the music brought me back to a very optimistic, I-am-going-to-be-an-orchestra-star, warm place. Pair that with the albeit amazing, and very creepy, and very scary plot and boom - confused paranoid feelings ensue while watching. I do like the movie, and I recommend it. I could talk a lot about it, but reviewing it would be time consuming. Just wanted to share what a crazy viewing experience I had while watching it.

Oh, and I found these posters for it on some weird Internet movie poster competition site, by La Boca. I think they're nice.

la boca poster

This one is very nice!

And the real poster, captures the creepiness and beauty of the film quite nicely.black-swan-movie-best-movies-ever-natalie-portman


Amber said...

I played the flute sixth through eighth grade. In 8th grade we played Swan Lake for the "Golden Empire Music Festival" which is a California classical music competition and we won the unanimous superior plus rating which meant we got the highest rating from all the judges. I thought I would go on to play flute forever, but then the idea of taking band in high school just was way too uncool and that was that. I love classical music and often find myself humming parts of swan lake to myself. I also thought the movie was pretty amazing.

KimGold said...

I was that little girl too! Always listening to classical music, playing her clarinet, and hoping to join a symphony. I still try to go to the Seattle Symphony whenever I can! Just saw Beethoven's 9th performed!


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