Wednesday, November 24, 2010

another knotch on the anniversary belt

We've been married for three years now. Six years ago we were admiring each other in the Rocket Star, Dan behind the counter and me trying to get some studying done drinking a great many hazelnut lattes. Then of my best friends gave me Dan's phone number to me in my birthday card.

Fast forward six years, we have a beautiful son and are at a point where we are so very happy and content. We are both doing what we love and enjoying our family so very much.

While Stella McCartney got a lovely garden (and more!) the traditional gift for three years is leather and the modern gift is crystal/glass. And the ultra modern/lacking funds gift is a nice dinner and a trip to the movies to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Happy Anniversary, love.
on the 2


style-for-style said...

awww, I love your "how we met" story I remember when it happened, you guys are such a cute fam.

KimGold said...

So glad that I was there to see it from the very beginning!

Happy anniversary you two!

In a couple of weeks I will be back in the mitten and hope I can see you both.


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