Wednesday, July 28, 2010

more painted wood, friends

I am on an old wood painting kick here, folks! I feel like I'm seeing this a lot everywhere, which isn't a bad thing. I am an emphatic natural wood fan, but seeing how our house has the original wood floors and woodwork throughout the house, adding some colorful painted wood breaks it up and adds some needed excitement for their respective rooms.

Do I sound a bit defensive about painting wood? I have no idea why I feel like I have to explain myself away here about painting old dressers. I swear painting it was giving this ol' hum drum hutch a new life!

We snagged her up at the Goodwill Midnight Madness sale where everything was 1/2 off! Score!
hutch before

I've had that lampshade made of slides for a handful of years, and I've always thought it would look good on a yellow table, in a yellow room, or just near something yellow...

Something yellow
yellow hutch

Such fun! And my shower curtains came in the mail today. Never thought I would be giddy getting shower curtains in the mail! But, they are perfect and worthy of some serious excitement. Pictures soon!


style-for-style said...

ahhh, I feel the same way, I paint everything.
Why is wood so sacred anyways.
we have wood floors, and trim, so I feel like there is already alot of wood happening in our house.

ramsey said...

do you have an electric sander? do you do all that? i have this big old retro styled hutch i found in an alley that i plan to paint but i need to take off the old finish first

Amber said...

I love it! I have wanted to find an old wood desk and paint it yellow for some time and now that I've finally moved my search for just the right furniture begins. What I am currious to know is if you use regular paint or spray paint? I have read in another blog how to use primer (KILZ) and spray paint (Krylon).

Emily said...

Glad to hear people like the way it turned out!

Ramsey, I don't have an electric sander, so I used a sanding block. The finish was worn down a lot already, but those sanding blocks are nice for the hard-to-get details as well as the large open spaces too.

Amber, I so wish I could just had over to see your new place! You'll have to post pics! For the paint I used a quart of semi-gloss paint. I used a small roller and I am so happy with how it turned out! Let me know if you go the spray paint route!


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