Friday, June 18, 2010

to make a house a home

We're all back together. Currently 8:30, and the thunderstorm is like an old friend. (We won't be friends anymore if the basement floods!)

I am sitting in the midst of boxes upon boxes upon boxes. *deep breath* It'll get organized. It's just so hard trying to juggle a fussy little sweaty baby with a cold who only wants to snuggle and unpack these darn boxes.

I have a HUGE LIST of bloggable (that should be a word if it's not already) topics...

-home decorating ideas/inspiration/projects
-home renovations
-exciting things to do in Michigan
-baby sleep issues...
-clothes and such I'd like to spend money on
-job hunt stuffff/internal debate - to work or not to work?
-gardening/yard and patio planning
-crafting projects of all sorts

That's just the tip of the iceberg. So yes, this weekend we will be tackling these boxes whether they like it or not. The list on my phone of "things to do" is getting ridiculous. And I got the Target app for my iPhone. Whoa. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I like it so far!

I fall asleep thinking of paint colors for rooms and items I am on the hunt for. Once we get things in place I am going to take before pictures of every room because this house is getting a serious face lift. It'll happen slowly, but things are a' changin' around here!

These are the roses that were, and now only sort of are, in our front yard. I wish they were as flourishing as they once were. Can't wait to plant more flowers and plan out the yard!


dianne said...

so happy your home! Can't wait to see the house ideas! xoxo

dianne said...

(you're home, better said.)


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