Friday, May 14, 2010

so ready for this...

I spend parts of my day wishing for the summer. Wishing for no more papers to grade. No more lesson planning. No more coaxing angsty teenagers to do their work. (I could go on...)

Dan and I got out for our first date night in months. (This really could be another post - 'On the Importance of Date Nights with your Husband' or 'Why is it a Surprise that Going on a Date with your Husband is Exactly What you Needed?')

Keeping it to the point, we went to Starbelly in the Castro here in SF and it was completely amazing. I'd gone there with my bff a few weeks before, and was very impressed! I love finding new restaurants! I actually ordered the same exact meal on both occasions, save the drink I ordered on my date night with the husband. I ordered a Shandy, and it changed my life. Wow. I exaggerate. Just a slight exaggeration, though. It really was amazing and swept me away to summer days on a porch, sipping a Shandy and listening to my recently whipped-up "Summer Jamzzz 2010" playlist. (At this point, it should be clear that summer vacation is a mere few weeks away.)

What's a SHANDY???


2 parts beer (Starbelly used Drake's, and I will too!)

1 part LEMONADE!!!


I'm going to play around with the "recipe"...fill you in on details later!

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dianne said...

Shandys are super popular in Spain. They come ready made in cans...and most ladies order a "clara de limon" at the bar which is basically the same-beer with lemon pop. Try that too!

Love that you and Dan got to have a date night!!...and can't wait to hear the summer jammzz!


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