Saturday, March 06, 2010

7 months old...

7 months
Our little man is seven months old. Wow. You hear it time and time again that "kids grow up so fast," but watching it unfold right in front of my eyes makes it so real, and so completely true. February, while it was a short month, was a big one for JackJack, as we lovingly call him these days. It's hard to wrap my brain around the fact that he's already seven months old. After watching the Olympics we're trying to figure out what event to devote Jack's life to, seeing how we have to start very young for him to get an early edge on the competition. Skeleton, bobsled, and luge are out. Too scary. We're thinking hockey, nordic combined, or snowboarding. Hockey is really gaining momentum in popularity, nordic combined involves shooting (and he seems like he'd be a good shot), and snowboarding would really help his popularity among peers. It's hard to choose, but we'll keep you all updated as we weigh out the pros and cons for our top 3 picks.

He is just so full of energy and personality. We see this more and more every day. Over the past month he's been sprouting his first tooth (bottom front right), which as of today is being joined by its neighbor. This past week he's been fighting off his first cold, which has been a battle for him. We've felt so terrible as he's terribly coughing and looking at us as if wondering, "Is this how life is going to be now??" Watching him experience everything for the first time makes one really appreciate life and truly see it with fresh eyes.

Check out those pearly whites poking through

He has quickly become a very mobile baby. He's got his army crawl down, so he can efficiently get across the room to whatever it is he probably shouldn't get and steps are ever-so appealing for the little one. What really gets him moving is if he sees anything with a screen (i.e. laptops, iPhones, etc.) or a remote. We now have an old remote for him to enjoy, which he does very much. His favorite thing is to stand and bounce. It shocks people to see him do this...apparently a baby his age isn't normally doing this. He will crawl up to us on the couch, grab us, and stand up all by himself (while holding onto us, of course!). Dan loves to make obstacle courses of pillows and blankets for him to climb over, I think in an effort to slow Jack down...but that doesn't work.


obstacle course
His first month of solid foods has been a lot of fun. The boy loves his veggies, but fruit isn't too exciting yet. Pureed apples and bananas make him gag...hopefully that's not the case forever because he'll never be able to sing "I love to eat, eat eat apples and bananas" with a smile on his face. :)

I could really go on and on, we just love our little baby so much!


Kathleen said...

Emily, he is so freaking adorable! I just love little Jack! <3

(And I love that he's wearing that onesie!!!)

molly said...

he's so super cute.
i completely understand wanting to go on and on about your baby!
we just got a puppy and all i ever talk about is what she's doing, how she's going outside, running, all of it!


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